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This project aims to provide a .Net 4.0 LINQPad driver for Telerik's OpenAccess ORM.
It relies on the following dependencies: Unit tests are based on: (as soon as they're finished ;))


Although the driver itself is still in beta stage, many important features are already implemented, but not yet fully tested.
Just give it a try, feedback is appreciated.
  • supported constructors
    • () => public parameterless (should work for all backends, app.config file is mandatory in this case)
    • (string,BackendConfiguration,MetadataSource) => connection string, backend config, metadatasource (tested for MsSql, should work for others too as long as the default backend configuration is used)
  • Common
    • Lazy-Loading is disabled by default for output operations. Does not affect previously loaded/included data.
    • Executed SQL-Statements (e.g. by LINQ queries) are logged to the SQL-Result window.
    • OpenAccess assemblies + namespaces are added automatically.
  • Schema
    • A mix of reflection and the context's metadata container is used to build up the schema.
    • Hyperlinks are generated from NavigationProperty to NavigationProperty if possible, otherwise from NavigationProperty to the corresponding target entity (e.g. for one-sided NavigationMembers).
  • UI / Configuration
    • Basic settings
      • Context discovery from custom assembly. (Includes the default backend configuration + metadata source and other available metadata sources (Xml, Fluent, Attributes)
      • Option to use the default constructor
    • Backend settings
      • backend and the corresponding provider can be selected. Relies on a list of pre-registered mappings. (not fully completed)
      • Custom logging/tracing settings: not yet implemented :(
    • Connection Settings
      • Currently only two connection configurators implemented:
        • predefined - Offers to select a connection from the provided application config file.
        • custom - Offers to manually enter a custom connection string
        • more to come soon (MsSql, MsSqlCE, etc.)
      • Test-Connection not yet implemented, but will follow soon.

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